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I can’t keep the site on. It was a pleasure being here these two years and i want to thank everyone of u who visited the fansite.

Thanks you 🙂


“Waking Madison” on DVD now!

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Finally the movie “Waking Madison“, in which Sarah plays the leading role of Madison, is out on DVD. I’ve already seen it and it’s worth watching. Sarah delivered an amazing performance – her best, in my opinion. Be sure to buy it on Amazon.Com clicking on the image below:

The movie tells the story of Madison (Sarah Roemer), a phone sex operator living in New Orleans, who is doing everything she can to lead a normal life. When a series of events leaves Madison suicidal and desperate, she locks herself away in her apartment for 30 days. Using a video camera to document herself like a visual journal, Madison vows that if she does not have the answer to her questions and feel more at peace with her life, she will kill herself on the 30th day. Will she be able to piece her life together? Are the people in her life real at all or are they merely figments of her disordered and fragmented mind?

Nothing new. :(

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Unfortunately there is nothing new about Sarah, that’s why the lack of updates. When I find something new I will post here so keep visiting!! 🙂

“The Event” on DVD.

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According to DiscDish.Com, The Event complete season 1 will be released on DVD on August 23. 🙂

“The Con Artist” now on DVD!

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Today, June 16, is the release date of the movie “The Con Artist“, in which Sarah plays Kristen. Click on the image below to buy it on Amazon.Com:

The movie involves Vince, an ex-con on parole after a five year stint in prison. Unable to go straight due to outstanding debts and a vicious crime boss on his heels, Vince returns to stealing cars. However, his luck begins to shift when a beautiful and successful art dealer discovers Vince has more to offer than a sordid past.

You can see some pictures of the movie clicking here and watch the trailer here.

Pictures from season finale.

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Here are some promotional stills from “The Event” last episode. Click below to check them out:

I’ll definitely miss this show 😦

Episode 21 stills + new promotional video.

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I added on the Gallery 7 stills from “The Event” episode 21, that aired yesterday on NBC. Check the pictures out clicking on the thumbnail below:

And here is the Season 1 Finale promotional video:

Be sure to watch the Season Finale next Monday on NBC 🙂

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