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“Hachiko: A Dog’s Story” straight to DVD

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An IMDB.Com user called Consolidated Pictures Group, “Hachiko” former USA distributor. He created a topic in Hachiko’s board, here’s what he said:

ok I called Consolidated Pictures Group, talked to a guy who works there with at the studios.. here’s what he said…

– He said when Consolidated Pictures Group was attached to distribute the movie, they didn’t have enough time or money to get the word out ahead of time. He said it would have cost them 20 million or more for marketing..

…and he said takes five months in planning ahead of time to get the word out..trailers, poster..etc..

– so they gave the rights to Sony Pictures.. […]

[…] * – Sony Pictures is attached to Hachiko now and will be putting an exclusive DVD at WALMART ONLY in January, before it goes to other rental and dvd stores…

I’m EXTREMELY disappointed with it! Hachiko is an excellent movie, it doesn’t deserve to have a straight-to-dvd release in the USA.

CLICK HERE to read the complete topic.


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  1. Oh. That are bad news for you. :/
    I think it would’ve been a good running movie in the US cinemas,
    especially now at christmas.

    I’m glad that I already saw it here.

  2. Yeah. I’ve already seen it as well in the pre-release and in Christmas it is realeasing again in Brazil, so I’m happy. (:
    But it would’ve been a success in the USA :/

  3. I was one of the lucky few (well, more than a few since both screenings were packed) to see “Hachiko” at the Seattle International Film Festival. I was looking forward to its wide release so I am disappointed, although not as much as the poor folks who never got a chance to see this film on the big screen.


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