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“The Con Artist” screening at Berlin Film Festival.

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I found a new “The Con Artist” promotional picture and it says the following:

Screening in Berlin

Friday, February 12th 8:15 PM

Saturday, February 13th 12:45 PM

You can see the picture and get more details about the screening clicking on the image below:


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  1. cantremembersorry

    well, either the picture is pure fiction (as in… a fake) or the program on the official site isn’t properly maintained, which is hard to believe.
    or I made an error.

    hm. :-/
    would be interesting what the source for the picture is.

  2. I got this picture from the movies’s official production company (:

  3. cantremembersorry

    which one exactly? 🙂
    myriad pictures doesn’t have anything in their line-up at the Berlinale, according to their official site.
    neither does Alcina Pictures, the film isn’t even listed on their site.

    unless this info
    isn’t correct :-/

  4. cantremembersorry

    ohhh… there it is. it’s in the slideshow on the main page. 🙂

    but I want to say I didn’t mean to be rude. I’m sorry.
    it’s just I’m German and I got actually very happy at reading this post (because I would have had the chance to watch it) but after it turned out to be wrong info, it was more of a bitter feeling. :-/
    so… it didn’t add up. 😦

  5. Hey. Ok, no problems. =) I should have said what was the source since it is a trusted source =) And are you REALLY going to watch it?
    My dad is in Germany and I am thinking to go there to watch it but it is a bit expensive so I don’t know if I will go!
    But if you watch the movie please TELL US how it is, give us some details and spoilers PLEASE!!! hahaha
    And try to watch “Locked In” as well! There is some informations about the screening here:

  6. cantremembersorry

    I’m not going to watch by myself. 🙂
    And I’m not from Berlin.

    Oops… yes, both movies will be shown. I got mixed up. The European Film Market Festival thing seems to be something similar… or the same? A bit confusing, that is. 🙂


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