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Scott Patterson talks about Sarah.

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Today, Scott Patterson (Sarah’s father in “The Event“) was on this radio site answering questions about his career. I asked him about Sarah 3 times but there were many questions, so he only answered me in the third time. Anyway, here is what I asked and what he answered:

ME – Scott, your character in “The Event” is called Mark (He corrected it and revealed the name is Michael), Leila’s father, isn’t it? How was it to work with Sarah Roemer (Leila) and the rest of the cast? Thanks.

SCOTT PATTERSON – Fantastic, fantastic. What a great group of people. You know, Sarah is just lovely and amazing and talented. She is a nice nice girl, she is totally at ease on camera, she is totally at ease on set. You know, this is a very nice, very nice group of people.

You can listen to the full interview clicking here. He starts talking about Sarah on 63:17. After this, he talks a bit more about the TV show and about the other stars. It’s an 1 h and 30 m interview but it’s really interesting and Scott is very friendly, if you have time you should check it out! (If you want to skip to the part that Scott talks about Sarah, click here to listen and/or download it.)

I’m so happy to hear these great things about “The Event” and of course, about Sarah!! 🙂


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