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Viewers about “Locked In”.

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Yesterday it was the World Premiere of “Locked In” at the Boston Film Festival. Sarah was confirmed to attend the event and so was Eliza Dushku, but it seems that both couldn’t be there 😦

Anyway, I tweeted this man who saw the movie yesterday and asked him how Sarah was in it. Here’s his anwer:

  • @twitomas See my tweets just prior for my thoughts on the movie. Sarah turned in an excellent performance, as did all the cast.

He also tweeted about the movie:

  • Locked In had really good performances by all the actors, but the movie overall was fairly confusing and disjointed.
  • Thing is, the movie wasn’t bad, and not hard to watch, but at the end of it I just really didn’t get what they were trying to say/do
  • So maybe the fault is mine. In any case, if it ever gets to dvd it is worth a look. Maybe you’ll get it better than I did!

Futhermore, on IMDb.Com, there was this person that’s also seen the movie and wrote the following:

  • I just got back from the Boston screening, I thought it was alright, the ending was simple to figure out halfway through. The acting was OK overall, Ben Barnes was the only one who didn’t really do it for me. It was only 70 minutes so that was nice, they didn’t try and drag anything else. I had a good time watching it. I’d give it 1 6.5/10.

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