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“The Con Artist” world premiere?

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I accessed TheFilmCatalogue.Com and searched some news about “The Steal Artist” (the site hasn’t changed the movie’s title yet) and in the top of the page it’s written the following: World Premiere. I found it strange because there were nothing written on the page some days ago so I started to search about it and I found out that it means the movie is gonna be premiered at the American Film Market 2010! 🙂

By the way, if you access TheFilmCatalogue.Com and go to AFM World Premieres and then search for The Steal Artist/The Con Artist, you won’t find the movie on the list, and it’s really weird. Also, if you go to the AFM World Premieres list and click on any of the movies that are on it, you’ll notice that the movie’s page inform us the screening time and location (this movie, for example). The Con Artist’s page doesn’t inform us anything about the screening.

Let’s wait and see if the site changes it and finally inform us about the movie’s premiere.

The AFM begins on 3rd November and happens until 10th November. It takes place in Santa Monica, California.


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