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Pictures from season finale.

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Here are some promotional stills from “The Event” last episode. Click below to check them out:

I’ll definitely miss this show 😦


Episode 21 stills + new promotional video.

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I added on the Gallery 7 stills from “The Event” episode 21, that aired yesterday on NBC. Check the pictures out clicking on the thumbnail below:

And here is the Season 1 Finale promotional video:

Be sure to watch the Season Finale next Monday on NBC 🙂

Episode 19 stills.

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I added some stills from episode 19, Us or Them, on the Gallery. Check them out clicking below:

Don’t forget to watch “The Event” episode 20, One Will Live, One Will Die, Monday on NBC. Check out the preview:

Let’s hope Leila doesn’t die 🙂

“Waking Madison” on DVD!

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According to DiscDish.Com, “Waking Madison” finally got a release date! The DVD will be out in July 12 and will contain interviews with the cast as bonus features. It will be priced at $ 24.98.

You can pre-order it here on Amazon.Com and check out the DVD cover clicking on the thumbnail below:

The movie tells the story of Madison, played by Sarah, who attempts multiple suicides only to find herself recycled into a world where she can’t figure out who or what is real. She then locks herself away in her apartment for 30 days. Using a video camera to document herself like a visual journal, Madison vows that if she does not have the answer to her questions and feel more at peace with her life, she will kill herself on the 30th day.

It was shot in November 2007 and was screened last night at the Newport Beach Film Festival. It only received positive reviews until now. Read the reviews and check out the trailer clicking here!

Gallery update.

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I added some pictures from “The Event” episodes on the Gallery. Unfortunately I didn’t found any promotional stills from episodes 16 and 17.

Click on the links below to check the pictures out:

• The Event [2010 – ?] (NBC) > Season 1 > 1.05 – Casualties of War > Stills
• The Event [2010 – ?] (NBC) > Season 1 > 1.08 – For the Good of Our Country > Stills
• The Event [2010 – ?] (NBC) > Season 1 > 1.12 – Inostranka > Stills
• The Event [2010 – ?] (NBC) > Season 1 > 1.13 – Turnabout > Behind the Scenes
• The Event [2010 – ?] (NBC) > Season 1 > 1.15 – Face Off > Stills

Rare picture from 2005.

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I found a rare picture of Sarah from the Alloy Catalog. It was taken in 2005, before her fame. She looks cute 🙂 Be sure to check it out clicking on the thumbnail below:

Love her.

Photoshoot from 2010.

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I added on the Gallery the Nylon photoshoot session Sarah took last year. Check it out:

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