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“The Event” cancelled.

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NBC decided not to give another chance to “The Event“. Unfortunately, it was cancelled 😦

Read more details here.

That’s terrible 😦



  • The Event’s creator and writer Nick Wauters tweeted the following:
Alas #theevent will not be back on NBC next season but we r actively pursuing other avenues to keep the show alive.Stay tuned for more info!

  • And Ian Anthony Dale, who plays Simon Lee in the show, also tweeted something that’s kinda optimistic:
#TheEvent To our amazing fans, our time on NBC may be over, but we are working hard to find a new home that shares our collective enthusiasm.
Keep the faith. I will keep you all informed as I know more. Thanks for being the greatest fans a show could ask for.
So let’s keep our faith alive!!

“Locked In” petition.

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I found the following topic on Sarah’s board on IMDb.Com:

As many of you probably know, the film “Locked In” has been literally locked in a battle between its producers and its distributors. One of my friends emailed the distributors recently and they replied that it may not ever be released even on DVD. So a few Ben Barnes fans got together and started a petition for its release. It may not work, but we thought it worth a try. If you are interested in seeing this film released on DVD, please sign our petition.

I have already signed the petition! Please sign it as well.

More info about “Locked In”.

“The Beginning of the End” promo.

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Here’s the promotional video from “The Event” episode 21, which will air on May 16 on NBC.

About Sarah’s performance in “Waking Madison”.

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I tweeted this girl who saw “Waking Madison” at the Newport Beach Film Festival  on Monday and asked her details about Sarah’s performance. Here is what she said:

I’m so happy to hear that! I haven’t seen the movie yet but I’m sure Sarah is fantastic in it.

I totally agree with what she claimed about Sarah’s acting. I also think she acts with her eyes and that’s visible in the latest episodes from “The Event”. We can see sort of a cold, frosty look while Sarah’s character is talking to her father and that’s perfect after everything Leila has been through and found out.

Love Sarah and just can’t wait to see this movie!

Episode 19 stills.

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I added some stills from episode 19, Us or Them, on the Gallery. Check them out clicking below:

Don’t forget to watch “The Event” episode 20, One Will Live, One Will Die, Monday on NBC. Check out the preview:

Let’s hope Leila doesn’t die 🙂

“Waking Madison” on DVD!

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According to DiscDish.Com, “Waking Madison” finally got a release date! The DVD will be out in July 12 and will contain interviews with the cast as bonus features. It will be priced at $ 24.98.

You can pre-order it here on Amazon.Com and check out the DVD cover clicking on the thumbnail below:

The movie tells the story of Madison, played by Sarah, who attempts multiple suicides only to find herself recycled into a world where she can’t figure out who or what is real. She then locks herself away in her apartment for 30 days. Using a video camera to document herself like a visual journal, Madison vows that if she does not have the answer to her questions and feel more at peace with her life, she will kill herself on the 30th day.

It was shot in November 2007 and was screened last night at the Newport Beach Film Festival. It only received positive reviews until now. Read the reviews and check out the trailer clicking here!

“Waking Madison” preview!

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As you all know, “Waking Madison” premiers tonight at the Newport Beach Film Festival. Katherine Brooks, the movie’s director, released a 2 minutes scene from the movie on her Twitter. It’s worth seeing! Check it out below:

It’s like a dream to see Sarah and Elisabeth Shue together in the same scene 🙂 I can’t wait to see this movie!!

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